Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles Humble, Creative, Edgy, Honest, Energetic, Relatable, Soulful, Conscientious, a true Hip Hop Diva.


Solange is humble in that she acknowledges and pays respect to where she came from.  It is evident that she understands her roots are not simply the family that she was born into but much greater than that.  Her roots include the African American struggle and evolvement in this country along with its music.  Humble because she knows that the wide appeal of African American music began with Motown and SoL-AngeL & the Hadley Street Dreams feels like a tribute to that era.  For example, on there are pictures of historical African American figures, places, and moments.  American history is seen in the backdrop of the “I Decided” Pt.1 video as well.  She displays her humility by showing love to other music artists by twittering or blogging to all those who follow her.


Solange’s creativity is definitely seen in her music.  She is unique and bold, which is heard in her songs where she experiments with different sounds.  Her music is not and cannot be limited to just one target group of individuals.  The difference in her songs makes her music targetable to music lovers across all races, genders, age, and genres.


Edginess is displayed in Solange’s style of dress. Whether she’s wearing short mini-dresses in loud colors, feathers on her shoes or decorative eye makeup, Solange’s style will always make you look twice.


Solange is honest in her lyrics and stays true to who she is as a person and artist.  Of SoL-AngeL & the Hadley Street Dreams she states on her website, “…I decided lyrically that I would tell my story, with hopes to inspire and most importantly spare no punches in holding back.”  This is exactly what you get, honesty.  From “God Given Name”, where she apologizes for perceived misconceptions of her and asks that you look at her for who she is and nothing else to “T.O.N.Y.”,  where she displays vulnerability to a man that’s preventing her from moving forward. Solange has shown us that if she is to tell a story, she is to tell it honestly.


To attend a live performance of Solange is to be enveloped in her energy.  She will rock out which will have you jumping  on your feet in five-inch heels along with her, and she’ll also have you grooving to her down south vibe as if you are from H-town yourself. For those songs in which she is exuding that high energy she jumps all around the stage and swings her hair. For those mellow songs she’s swaying with some choreographed moves that chill you out as well.


Anyone who lets us into the very core of who they are is guaranteed to be relatable.  You don’t have to have lived the same experiences as Solange to relate to what she is saying.  Her lyrics and on-stage demeanor are so down to earth that anyone can feel exactly where she is coming from. 


Soulful is what they call music if it touches you deep down inside, evokes emotion, and makes you move.  “Valentine’s Day” stirs up emotions you may feel or may have felt in a relationship, “6 O’ Clock Blues” moves you to groove, and “I Decided” will make you feel good each and every time you hear it.


Solange displayed conscientiousness when she cofounded The Survivor Foundation to help individuals rise above devastating circumstances and natural disasters.  The work she does through this foundation is both touching and uplifting.


Solange Knowles is a mother, sister, daughter, writer, singer, actress, and performer. Solange Knowles is a Hip Hop Diva.

Solange performing 03/09

Solange performing 03/09

Solange performing 03/09

Solange performing 03/09

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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

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