Spotlight on Hip Hop Divas Ebony J & KiKi J

Ebony J & KiKi JOne was motivated to start her own modeling and promotions company after the birth of her twins.  The other always desired a career in radio and put in the work to make it a reality.  Both of them together form a strong duo that is built to withstand the turbulence in becoming respected women in a male dominated industry.  These DIVAS have much more in common than the letter “J”:  They both embody strength, determination, and vision.  At the end of their journey, they should be able to look back and see that they acomplished their goals because they definitely have what it takes to get them there.

Ebony J is the founder and CEO of Eminent Modeling & Promotions Company based in Dallas, TX.  Urban models can be found in every city in the county.  But Ebony has worked to develop urban models who represent professionalism, respect, and ambition.  She hand picks her models to physically fit within the “industry standards” but most importantly carry themselves with respect.  As the first model, Ebony began the company by handing out thousands of fliers at beauty salons, clubs, and barberships to promote her newly started company.   Her hustle has drawn like-minded women  to her company.  In seven years Ebony has expanded the company to now staff a Vice-President of Operations, Talent Development and New Faces Director.  The company successfully landed major campaigns with Seagrams Gin, Applebottom’s Urban Wear, and Dallas Maverick’s player Jason Terry.

KiKi J began her path to being on the radio as a contestant on the “DJ on Display” contest which she didn’t win.  That didn’t slow her down.  She found a job answering the radio station phone and worked her way to being “Tha Hip Hop Diva” on Dallas’ K104 Hip Hop and R&B station.  This DIVA does not rest on her laurels.  She hosts “Street Swagg Sunday”, a radio show that highlights independent R&B and hip hop artists.  In this role, KiKi J has hands on access to emerging talent and this experience carrries over into her responsibilities for Eminent Modeling & Promotions marketing, advertising, and bookings.

Both of these DIVAS handle business.  Ebony’s drive combined with KiKi J’s industry knowledge enable them to form a formidable partnership. Not only are they helping each other but they help their models to learn the business and take on company roles outside of modeling and promoting.  The greatest contribution a DIVA can make to hip hop is to help others.  Ebony J and KiKi J both believe in helping others and that in and of itself qualifies them as true Hip Hop DIVAS.

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