Spotlight on Hip Hop Divas Unladylike

UnladylikeThese DIVAS are spotlighted because they have seemed to acccomplish what every femcee today is trying to obtain—a major record deal.  If you ask them what sets them apart from the other females in the game, Tee will let you know that “theres’s no female group that’s doing it right now and there hasn’t been one since Salt-N-Pepa.”  Tee along with Gunna comprise the duo that is Unladylike.

What do they have to back it up?  They didn’t create a strong internet buzz and get hundreds of thousands of friends on Myspace or hits on Youtube.  They took the more traditional route proving hard work and talent can pay off in the modern entertainment industry.  Gunna has been rapping and writing rhymes since she was eight years old.  She hooked up with Tee when they were both sophomores in high shcool.  They decided to stick the group thing out because they were well received by their friends.  A friend even gave them their name because they felt like the way the two spit was Unladylike.  Of course they worked the local music scene in East St. Louis, Illinois.  But the turning point in their lives came when they drove to New York and performed for Sita, their manager, who signed them and moved them to New York City.

Since then, these two ladies have been adding their Midwest flavor to east coast tracks resulting in a unique sound.  They have a versatility that allows them to cover a broad range with their music.  They have club bangers, serious songs, and flashy hits.  Pop in their debut cd, “Certified”, and you’re bound to find a track that suits you.

Their major deal with VOICEZ and DEF JAM does not have them sitting on their laurels.  This is what I like about them.  Unladylike is proving everyday that they should be where they are.  If you don’t believe it, they will gladly prove it to you.  They know that the path to the top only gets rockier from here and they are up for the challenge.  Gunna has been battle rapping since she was eight.  She’s a veteran at lyrical fighting.  But she’s not entering the ring alone.  Tee’s bringing a relatability to hold the group down.  Two girls from East St. Louis, Illinois followed their dream to New York City.  They have the foundation to build upon and the sky is the limit.  Let’s watch what they do.  So far, they have already proven that they are true Hip Hop Divas. 

Check out Unladylike at and

Check out THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM’s interview on the Unladylike page.

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