Quintescence is an emcee out of New York known for spitting hard lyrics. She’s a true hip hop head and when you listen to her music if you’re looking for some real hip hop then she’s the go to chick to deliver. However, with the release of her single, “Sunshine”, Quintescence is giving us a different side of the hard spitting emcee. She’s showing us that she has a softer side to her and can write songs just as well as she can write slick bars. Here’s what Quintescence had to say about the single and why she stepped out of her comfort zone:

“The song “Sunshine is a love song showing happiness and love for a man from my perspective. It was my idea to show me kicking game to different men in the video because I wanted to shock people and show them that a chick could be a player too. I also wanted to give the ladies some eye candy. “Sunshine” shows that I am more than a hard rapper and bar spitter, it shows that I am also a song writer.”

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