Amber Dirks

As the lead singer for the group KopaTechnic, Amber Dirks is creating a unique sound of music stemming from everyday life experiences.  Relatable music must come from the heart and Amber is in touch with her heart and her soulful sound will be sure to touch yours.  Find out why she does what she does and what’s up next for her.

HHD:  As the lead singer of the group KopaTechnic what are you hoping to do in the world of music?

Amber:  Our music is electric soul which has elements of deep house, R&B, dance, jazz, and hip hop. We create it electronically and we also use live instrumentations on our projects.  We are trying to deliver the many different aspects of soul, which are really all styles and genres of music.

HHD:  As the lead singer we know that is one of the roles that you play, but on a greater level what do you consider your role to be in the group?

Amber:  I am also a writer. A lot of the songs that we have, I had my part in writing as well. We are all very artistically involved in the project musically as well although R.K Jackson is the main producer.

HHD:  Being the only female in the group with two men, what’s the dynamic like within the group?

Amber:  They treat me like a sister, we work very well together. We have an excellent vibe and chemistry when we’re in the studio; it’s like fireworks go off. We have fourteen tracks on the album, and we did it in less than three months; that should tell you how well we work together. We are very in tune with one another, it’s a great thing, we just have a great working relationship and it’s just really awesome. They’re just my brothers from another mother put it that way.

KopaTechnic – “Waiting At Home”

HHD:  In speaking of your album you mentioned you have two singles out “Waiting at Home” and “Wonder Woman”. Can you talk to us a little bit about those two records?

Amber:  Well, we wanted to really embrace what women want and as soon as I heard the music and knew what direction the song was going I was definitely on board because it’s celebrating a woman’s shine and nurturing of the love and the compassion that we have and are bringing to our families. In regards to “Waiting at home” that song is more on the pop side of things. The song brings a message to all of our service men and women letting them know that they have a loved one at home waiting on them and that we appreciate everything they are doing.

 HHD: The two singles have two different meanings and two different styles. Do you have a favorite out of the two or do you appreciate them for their differences?

Amber:  We appreciate them for the differences. They are both on two different subjects and at the same time they mean the same thing – they both mean love.

HHD:  You’re not only a singer, you’re a songwriter also. Where do you pull your inspiration for your songs? Let’s talk a little bit about your writing process.

Amber:  A lot of what I write about is about everyday life. I bring in all types of emotions. The next song we are releasing soon is titled “You failed”, it’s a really deep song. Wait till you hear that one, that one is something else.

HHD:  Are there any Hip Hop artists that KopaTechnic, or you, would like to work with?

Amber:  Oh my goodness, there’s so many!  I could name off so many awesome Hip Hop artists out there. It’s hard for me to name one; I don’t want anyone to think we’re leaving them out. We appreciate and respect everyone in the industry and the door is always open to collaborate with anyone. If they are feeling our vibe we would most definitely like to bring them on board, you know Mary J., Rihanna; I can go down the line of a whole bunch of people out there that we would love to collaborate with.

HHD: Who are your favorite female Hip Hop artists?

Amber: Of course you know Mary J, she is a Queen… and Queen Latifah. From newer people Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj.  I could go down the line, there are so many awesome, strong, talented young ladies out there doing their thing. I don’t have anything but mad respect for all of them.

KopaTechnic – “Wonder Woman”

HHD:  You mentioned earlier that KopaTechnic is about to release a new single. Can you tell me what else is up next for the group?

Amber: We’re currently in the process of remixing our first album, which is going to be a mixture of jazzy, soulful, house elements; and regards to our next single which is “You Failed” that subject matter is related to relationships that really failed. We are continuing to keep writing, because as you know as we’re releasing we are building a second album. This album is going to be more R&B and Hip Hop. It’s going to be different from the first album which is more soulful house.

HHD:  What is your definition of a Hip Hop Diva?

Amber: My definition of a Hip Hop Diva is one who is sure of their self and knows what is she is here to do and why she is here. A Hip Hop Diva gives back to her community. She is definitely a positive role model, and one who knows how to take care of self and business.

Find KopaTechnic here:

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