Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Nakeshaey M. Allen – The Hip Hop Therapist

myspace2-144x192Imagine a 16 year old teenage mother who must attend therapy in order to receive government assistance to financially care for her child.  She attended these therapy sessions with an open mind and learned something from them.  She realized the value in these therapy sessions and became a volunteer mentor for the same program that provided her with help.  She was so instrumental in reaching out to other teen-aged mothers that she was offered a full time position.  While working with these young ladies, this young woman developed her own special way of connecting and assisting them.  She liked this and was actually good at it.  She went on to earn multiple degrees and formally developed Hip Hop Therapy while in her graduate program.  They thought it wouldn’t work.  But this is what she had been doing all along and had proof that it did work. This is the short version of the story of Hip Hop DIVA Nakeshaey M. Allen and what led her to develop her version of Hip Hop Therapy.

Nakeshaey’s story is inspiring and her work reflects the positive impact hip hop has on society.  She uses hip hop to coach, train, and engage clients into realizing and understanding issues holding them back.  Once they reach this point, she guides them onto a path to achieve their goals.  Hip hop is real and so is hip hop therapy and so is Nakeshaey.  Nakeshaey lives , breathes, and loves hip hop.  She has also both lived and witnessed experiences that enable her to relate to those who partake in hip hop culture.  Hip hop is the medium she shares with her clients and allows her to reach those who some may consider unreachable.  She helps us because she first helped herself.  Isn’t it great to have someone understand and relate to you while possessing a skillset to actually help you?  I think it’s wonderful and that is why I am shining the spotlight on Nakeshaey and her work.  Nakeshaey took a natural gift and turned it into a tool to help others.  Nakeshaey takes hip hop and uses it to make a difference.  Nakeshaey is a Hip Hop Diva.

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Check out THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM’s interview with Nakeshaey on The Hip Hop Therapist page.

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