Khaos Da Rapper

Khaos Da Rapper…..what else is there to say?  She’s a rapper!  In this case the name does not accurately define the person.  Khaos is more than a rapper. She’s a producer, she’s an engineer, she’s bold, she’s edgy, she’s not afraid to push the envelope.  Pushing the envelope…isn’t that what hip hop is all about anyways?  Well, then Khaos fits right in with her own genre of music she’s termed “hiptonic whatever music.”  She began at the age of nine by winning a talent show performing a reggae song that belonged to her aunt.  She took her love of music behind the scenes and gained knowledge on how to actually make music.  Her experiences behind the scenes are what led her to explore different music genres.  With eyes wide open she began to experiment with them herself which led to her developing her own lane, “hiptonic whatever music”. 

When listening to Khaos’ music there isn’t any one thing that stands out, it is the overall production.  Are her lyrics above average?  Yes, she has clever bars, cool punch lines, suitable metaphors, and all the lyrical pizzaz we like to hear from our favorite emcees.  Is her delivery on point?  Absolutely!  She rides every beat as if it was made specifically for her to rhyme in that manner.  When you combine her lyrics and delivery it produces a final product that you want to just playback and listen to over and over again all day. Her lyrics don’t overpower her delivery and her delivery is not harder than her lyrics.  They complement each other well which makes for easy listening. Also, she can kill a freestyle.  Give her a listen and you’ll see why this HIP HOP DIVA is this week’s Underground DIVA of the Week.

THEHIPHOPDIVA spoke with Khaos Da Rapper about her journey thus far and what lies ahead.  Read what she had to say below.

HHD (THEHIPHOPDIVA): You started rapping as a child and used your talent to win your first talent show. What did you perform and what do you remember about the experience?

KDR (KHAOS DA RAPPER): My aunt is Shelly Thunder. If you’re familiar with reggae music you have to know the song “KUFF”…that’s her. Well at the time of my first
talent show I did a song called “Working Girl” off of her album. All I
can remember is the entire school cracking up and cheering. Then I
won the show.

HHD: As a young girl how did your parents respond to you wanting to rap?

KDR: Well my momma has always been hella supportive. When I did that
talent show she made me rap the whole thing to her before she took me
to school. As I got older she would come to shows and keep close
contact with my management and all to make sure I wasn’t travelling the
streets of NY dolo at all times of the night. Yea she’s dope! I was
out performing till after 6am back when I was like 17 and she would let
me do it as long as I followed her rules and called at our designated call

HHD: How did you develop your sound of “hiptonic whatever music”?

KDR: I grew up as a backpacker/battle rapper in the heart of NJ &
NY. I’m what they call a product of my environment. So back then it was
all about battle raps and angry shit I guess. I was fortunate enough to
go to an all music college which exposed me to bands and real
instruments and songwriters ya know? After that I landed a job working
for Sony Music and making songs became my thing! Like cats there would
make music! Fuck a 16 n a hook nahmean? I began making beats and fooling
around with international sounds and dance music which back in the hood
cats started calling me weird. By the time I got to Atlanta my
flow was stupid. There wasnt a type of music I wasn’t tryna touch! I
would jump on anything. After a while that shit there became me.
Whatever Muzic…the Hiptonic part is like a mix of Hip-hop, trans,
and dance music…my favorite. At some point I realized I can say
whatever I want and I’m good at it. I’ll just do WHATEVER i want when I get
in the studio. I have no lane and if I have to pick one…this is it.

HHD: You’re something like a one-stop shop, you produce, engineer, and rap.
Why do you think it’s important to be able to do it all?

KDR: I found me that way. I absolutely hate recording in a big studio or in
front of people for that matter. Being able to do all of the things that I do,
so early in my career, made me an ARTIST. Most of the time I’m alone
when I record or with a very select few. I try new vocal techniques,
say things I normally wouldn’t, and just do me when I’m my own
engineer. The dope shit is when I finish I can just bounce my “idea”
to a large studio and have a MIXPARTY!!! Yay!!

HHD: You’ve been doing music for a long time. Are you where you hoped to be by now?

KDR: YES!!!! People never never understand that! They are like KHAOS you
should be signed by now!!! You should be famous…HELLO! I make music
cause that’s my shit!!! I was never out for the fame I just wanted to
be expressive and awesome….2011 here I am all expressive and awesome!
Honestly, right now I am ready to be a career musician, artist &
performer, you know? But there’s a time for everything. If I would have blew
last year I probably would have gotten turned out by drugs or some shit. This
year and goin forward I’m all about my body and being healthy nahmean?
Four years ago I still hadn’t completely found myself so I would have been
making music for ya’ll not me. Here I am now with a catalog of ALL that
shit! I can drop ALBUMS NOW! So yea artistically I’m here. My
management wants me to make money…they handle all that so yea I’m on
the right path.

HHD: Is there an artist you look at and say hey, I would like for my career to mirror theirs?

KDR: YUP!! Her name is SIA. WTF!!! An amazing songwriter! She’s writing for
tv, film, and some of the biggest names in music!!! Yet, most people
have no idea who I’m talking about. She’s written
Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s and Celine Dion’s mega hits!!! That’s what I’m tryna
do! I wanna stay relevant by staying SANE! I can live vicariously
through another artist…. DOPE!!! I just wanna make music and do
shows when I wanna…all while being filthy rich and ENJOYING LIFE

HHD: Why do you think it’s harder for females in hip hop to gain the attention needed to push their careers forward?

KDR: Cause waaaaay to many of them push their asses and titties forward first,
making it super hard for the talent to bring their vocals forward
first. The expectation is all fucked up.

HHD: What do you want listeners to feel when listening to your music?

KDR: Feel what I felt when I wrote and recorded the song. I write with
feeling, most of the time it’s out of body. I don’t realize were I was
mentally until I’m cruising down the highway blasting my own music and I realize “that line is crazy” till I feel like I’m finna cry cause I remember what was going on in my life right then.

HHD: What do you have going on right now that you would like for us to support?

KDR: Let’s see…me & @HOODAFFAIRS are about to rampage the backpack circuit
and demolish the pop joint all at the same time. I’m droppin a number of mixtape/albums this quarter… @KHAOSDARAPPERVOL.1 // Jackin Fa Heat!
(Freestyle joint) // and a currently untitled all POP/DANCE situation.
We finishing up filming for the official @HOODAFFAIRS  Khaos da Rapper
dvd too! I’ll be making some appearances at shows and such too. will keep all in the loop also FOLLOW KHAY ON
TWITTER!!!! @khaosdarapper @hoodaffairsdvd every thing else BING ME!!!

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

KDR:  Just a real dope FEMALE artist…PERIOD.

1 Response to Khaos Da Rapper

  1. I'mafan:) says:

    I liked the interview, especially the part when you say you were “cruising on the highway and listening to your own music, and then you felt like you wanted to cry:( because of what was going on in your life”. If You can cry to your own music that says something.keep up the good work khaos!

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