Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Andrea M. Harrell

Andrea is unique in that she is not a Hip Hop DIVA because she raps, dj’s, dances, or makes video appearances.  But she is a Hip Hop DIVA because she styles your favorite rappers and their videos.  Hip hop and fashion go hand and hand.  In the same token, pair Andrea up with any hip hop star and you will have that wow factor everyone is hoping to achieve.

This DIVA did not wake up one day and decide that she could be a stylist because she dressed cute.  She has been formally schooled to take on this role.  Her schooling did not end there.  From school she went on to intern under one of entertainment’s most sought after stylists, June Ambrose.  Upon completion of her internship Andrea started her own personal styling company, Glamourotti, and became and still is the Fashion Editor for Jones Magazine.  Her keen eye for what pops has landed her clients such as Dorrough Music, Music World Entertainment, and video/film director John “Dr. Teeth” Tucker.  Andrea Harrell has quickly made a name for herself via her hardwork and professionalism.  If glam is what you want from someone who knows fashion then the owner andSenior Personal Advisor for Glamourotti is who you want.  The name of her company says it all.  When you think Hip Hop DIVA you think stylish, confidence, well put-together, fly, on point, glamorous… you think Andrea M. Harrell, Hip Hop’s Styling DIVA.

Pics of Andrea’s work:

John “Dr. Teeth” Tucker (Andrea’s Client) with Skillz (half of the Grammy Award winning producers PlayNSkillz) at Tucker’s private mansion party in the Hollywood Hills during the ’09 BET Awards Weekend

John "Dr. Teeth" Tucker (Andrea's Client) & Skillz (half of the Grammy Award winning producers PlayNSkillz)John Tucker

John “Dr. Teeth” Tucker on the red carpet at the SRC Private Celebrity Afterparty for the ’09 BET Awards.

Andrea also styled for Dorrough Music’s “Walk that Walk Video”.

Check out Glamourotti at

Check out THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM’s interview on the Andrea M. Harrell page.

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