Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Sweet Tee

When it was announced that Sweet Tee would be dropping new music it brought forth mixed reactions.  It made people wander why after so much time is she picking the mic back up?  Is she still relevant today?  Does she have what it takes to get in the mix with today’s hip hop?  Is the state of the female emcee in such bad condition that Sweet Tee had to be brought back to resurrect them?  But, was thinking WOW!  What an honor it would be to hear new music crom the living legend known as Sweet Tee.

It doesn’t really matter why she decided to grab the mic again.  She’s an artist.  A true artist will create art whenever they are moved to do so.  Wine gets better with age and if this is true in regards to Sweet Tee then we are in for a fine treat.  If there are people who do not consider Sweet Tee relevant today then they are dead wrong.  Obviously they have no true idea of  who she is.  She began rapping in the 80’s and toured well into the 90’s.  She teamed up with DJ Jazzy Joyce for their hit single “It’s My Beat”.  The strength of that duo should serve as inspiration to female emcees and djs on what can be accomplished by two chicks who are hot in what they do.  Sweet Tee is a solo artist that held her own as the only female emcee on tour with Onyx, Erick Sermon, Wu Tang Clan, Redman, and Method Man.  Now, that’s classic hip hop.  With that being said, she can definitely rock with today’s crowd.  Classics never go out of syle.  The true lovers of hip hop who appreciate real emceeing will definitely feel Sweet Tee today.  Unfortunately, the state of today’s female emcee is not looking good.  There are some ladies creating a slow simmer but it’s been a  while since the pot was so hot it boiled over.  Sweet Tee was literally called to begin recording again. She may not resurrect the female emcee but, she will light a fire under them that will hopefully push them to grind harder.

Do we even need to qualify her status as a true DIVA?  She’s been in the game for over 20 years.  Who would dare say she ain’t a true Hip Hop DIVA?

Check Sweet Tee out at

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