Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva DJ Jazzy Joyce

Jazzy Joyce

The title should be changed to “Spotlight on Hip Hop DIVA Legend DJ Jazzy Joyce” because that is exactly what she is — a DIVA Legend.  How many individuals can you name that have managed to stay active in hip hop from the 80’s and still going strong?  DJ Jazzy Joyce has paved the way for female DJs, female MCs, females in hip hop.  Before her, there wasn’t a female who had accomplished what she has.  She blazed the trail for many to follow.  She is today’s inspiration for the respect and admiration that a female can receive in a male dominated culture.  She sits in the spot that every Hip Hop DIVA wants to sit in — the spot where you are no longer considered the female version.  DJ Jazzy Joyce is not one of the most revered, skilled, and successful female DJs.  She is one of the most revered, skilled, and successful DJs period.

DJ Jazzy Joyce knew she wanted to dominate turntables at the age of 12 and that is exactly what she has done.  She started off by winning a DJ award at the 1983 New Music Seminar.  She went on to rock Japan in 1991 as part of the Christian Marclaus’ Experimental One Hundred Turntable Orchestra.  She was the fist scratcher and mix master on MTV’s first game show, “Turn It Up”.  Jazzy Joyce was awarded the 2003-2004 Mix Power Summit, East Coast DJ of the Year Award,.  Most recently she became the first lady down with Funk Master Flex’s BIG DAWG PITTBULLS.

This DIVA has worked the turntables worldwide — from New York to Tokyo to Amsterdam to Copenhagen and everywhere in between.  Normally, I don’t list all accomplishments but DJ Jazzy Joyce is special.  Her accolades are outstanding and should be applauded.  Apparently, time cannot put our her flame.  She has rocked crowds throught the different hip hop generations.  Is this not ridiculous?  Is she not amazing?  If you do not agree, you are not a true Hip  Hop DIVA.  For, Hip Hop DIVAS know and respect where they come from.  DJ Jazzy Joyce deserves to be known and respected.  Every DIVA should thank her when they see her.  The Hip HOP DIVA that can teach all of us a thing or two about reaching your audience, building a sustainable career, and riding the waves of hip hop — DJ Jazzy Joyce.

Check out DJ Jazzy Joyce’s show, “Last Call”, on New York City’s Hot 97 (WQHT) every other Friday 2am-4am.

Check DJ Jazzy Joyce out at

Check out’s interview on the DJ Jazzy Joyce page.

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